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Thread: Serra Mesa Parking

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    Serra Mesa Parking

    About a month ago, we went on a house hunting trip to San Diego. One of the places we checked out, but didnt like was Gateway Village. The biggest reason we didnt like it was because of the parking and the surrounding neighborhood.

    We didnt think to look at Serra Mesa, because i thought it was farther than it is. Whats the parking like in the Serra Mesa housing? In Gateway Village, each house got a one car garage, most didnt have an actual driveway and half of the street was marked as a fire lane.

    Also, whats the surrounding area like?
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    I don't know about Parking at Serra Mesa, but I live just across the Freeways in another housing community. The Community is very nice I have not noticed any problems. They are both pretty centrally located to many different areas of San Diego City and County. I think its a good place to be about 10 minutes to 32nd street base, very close to Old Town. There is an MTF clinic just around the corner from Serra Mesa.
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    From what i've been told Serra Mesa housing is just like Gateway housing. So i would think parking would be almost the same. I don't know for sure though. Maybe someone who knows will answer. But yes, it isn't far from the bases. Its really not far from anything.

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    I don't live at SM, but have visited and HATE the parking.
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    Serra Mesa, San Diego, CA
    I recently moved from a small country town to Serra Mesa. It's not terrible. There's not much parking spots free on the street, but there are spots available. In the area we're in every townhouse/ home has at least a 1-car garage. We have a 2 car garage. We were told that guests/ we can park in front of our garage, too, just be aware so we're not blocking the way for other people to get in their own garage in the process.
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    We live in Serra Mesa and have a 2 car garage. Parking behind your garage is NOT permitted, as the previous poster stated. The back alley where the garages are is a fire lane and you can get towed. Street parking depends on what street you live on. Our street only has parking on one side so there is less but we live near a city park so there is plenty of parking there if we have guests.

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