on here that live in the L.A area. (I have posted something like this before but I thought I would make a thread about why) The friends that I have out here don't understand what I'm going through with DB being deployed.

I went out with a couple of friends I hadn't seen in years last weekend and it started out GREAT but ended bad. We went out to a club in Hollywood for one of my friend's boo(just sex type thing) birthday. We were like 30 deep (there were 30 of us), we ordered bottle service and danced the night away. It was all good until my friend found out that her "boo thangs" had a DG and she was at the club. He kept telling her she was imagining things and decide we should go back to her car (we parked at his house and road with him to the club). On our way back he tries to touch me, in some very private areas, while she is driving. When we get back to her car I let her know what he did and she just brushes it off She disappears in his room for about an hour and comes out with her hair all crazy. He had a few friends over so the whole time they are taking each one of my friends in a room and locking the door. So I tell them all I need to go home (it's 4:00am and my mom was watching my son) and they all say they can't take me. So finally after harassing everyone for hours I get home sleep deprived at 7:30am to a wide awake 2yr old

So if anyone got through that, lives in the L.A area and doesn't mind hanging out, PLEASE PM me. I spent the majority of this deployment at school, work or in the house decorating cp's. I'm tired of the house and it's passed the mail cut off date. I need to get OUT