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Thread: Village at Serra Mesa residents......

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    Village at Serra Mesa residents......

    Has anyone else had problems the last few days with their garage door openers? I had to break into my house tonight because mine wouldn't work. For the last couple days it's been REALLY finicky but tonight it finally decided not to work at all. I don't have access to my back yard due to being sandwiched in by my neighbors and it was after 9pm so I wasn't going to knock on doors. Note to self.......stop chaining my front door in case this happens again! lol.

    My guess is it's due to the carrier coming back in but in the year that we've lived here we've never had this problem. Where we used to live we did though and I was told it was due to carriers and base testing.

    Just wanted to see how wide spread this problem is. I know one other friend in the neighborhood having a similar issue just not quite this bad.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm not there, so I have no idea if this is an ongoing issue or anything, but whenever I've had problems with my garage door, it's been either the battery in my remote dying, or the actual remote wire in the garage that's been bent or knocked off.

    Could either of those be the problem?
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