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Thread: Only I...

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    Only I...

    Yes, only I can be so special that housing calls 8 mins before they close on the eve of our move (which was already pushed out 2 weeks due to a "maintenance issue") that not only can I NOT move into the house due to said maintenance issue but I cannot move into it at all becuase they don't know WHEN it will be fixed. When I show up in less than 24 hours to get my keys I will be moving not only into a different house but a whole different housing area. Smaller house, one car garage instead of two, older. I was just about to when it hit me that we got moved to a home with a backyard. A big one. It's also close enough to our closest friends that I could throw rocks at them from my driveway if I wanted to.

    Okay, LMH...I will stop complaining now. I'm glad you fu**ed up. Panic attack avoided.

    Now to deal with the fact that I will have no internet for a while since AT&T sent my new modem to a different address and it was returned.

    BiggyBiggs...the Wifey that makes me go "WoW"
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    At least you found the silver lining to your gray cloud pretty quickly! I wouldn't have too many nice things to say! I hope they don't throw you any more cruve balls though!

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