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Thread: Chollas Heights

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    Confused Chollas Heights

    Hi Im new at all this, Navy wife 2 little girls and we are moving to Chollas heights by the end of June, wanted to know how the community is and the surrounding area around Chollas heights?
    My husband is there now he drove by to check the community he said he really likes the community, but outside the community it reminded him of some different places of Miami fl, where he's from, he said 10 minutes to the left it gets ghetto LOL I'm not sure what he means by that.. there are different types of "ghetto" I just want to make sure that the community is safe enough that there is no need to worry about, Home security systems..unless someone believes its needed... lol..i don't think its a bad investment..but we are renting not buying so I'm not sure if your allowed to place cameras outside and inside the homes there?
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    Bumping old threads here is against TOS, and not a good way to get many responses. You should start your own thread and ask these questions, and hopefully someone can help you.
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    Closed due to thread age.
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