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Thread: The Village at NTC

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    The Village at NTC

    hey guys so I am originally from cali but moved to dc due to being stationed there and now moving to san diego... We just got housing at ntc and it looks nice but was wondering if anyone has been there and their opinions. I am just wanting to be in a safe area while the hubby is out on deployment. thank you!
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    I heard good things about it!
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    LOVE it! We lived in a different area before (spring valley) in civilian housing and HATED the area. The only thing I dislike is the exit off the freeway to get here, it is the end of the freeway and it is always packed =/ other then that though, its beautiful housing area. The community pool and clubhouse is great! Close by to the water! I love the inside of my house and feel completely safe taking walks around with my daughter unlike when we lived in Spring Valley. It also has an alarm inside, if you get a landline you can set it up for free so that should make you feel safe =] It is pretty close to everything (except walmart lol) I wish there was a walmart closer.
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    We lived there from 2004-2006. I always felt safe. The houses are nice, the pool is big, and there are several parks in the housing. You are close by two elementary schools and little shopping centers. It is a quick drive to base. I didn't like it because it there were no yards, and no pets. The way the houses are right up on the street and so close together, it felt very much like I was in the middle of a big city. I'm a small town girl, so for me city living is not ideal! I'm a much better fit for MC in Tierrasanta, where I have a yard, space between neighbors, and very little siren noise at night.
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