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Thread: moving to san diego/ miramar air station

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    moving to san diego/ miramar air station

    My marine and I have orders now to Miramar Air Station in the beginning of next year. So once he is home from deployment...we will be moving. Well...he will, in the truck with our stuff ill just fly there when its time to settle in.

    I was wondering if anyone that is around this area, if they would recommend any apartments not too far?? I've heard traffic is bad as sin over there so we are trying to keep the commute in 30-45 minutes.

    It sucks as we really are going blind eye in this moving and hunting for a location since our time is so limited, he's gone and I just don't have the time to take off work to visit and look around personally.

    So if anyone has good spots to recommend or what NOT to look at, I'd appreciate it. From what I've looked some pretty nice ones, car theft seems to happen very often. and I can use all the help possible!! Thank you so much!!!
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    I just moved on to Miramar base and honestly its the best bang for your buck. The town homes are roomy, ( my husband and I ) have a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath , two story town home. We looked in the area and its so expensive! they dont take all your BAH, its only 1700. Id look into it!

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