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Thread: Fort Bliss Help

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    Fort Bliss Help

    We are planning on moving to Fort Bliss sometime in Late September.
    Can someone please tell me what schools for kids are on fort bliss, elementary and middle schools? If any. If you have knowledge of off post schools, which ones you recommend? Also what is the wait times like (3 bedroom) and best areas to live if we have to find a place off post?

    Any info is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    I grew up in El Paso, but I went to private schools. I had quite a few friends who were from military families. Would you consider private schools?

    I found this link to the public school system in El Paso:

    Its 2 years old but should be somewhat accurate. My mom is a retired teacher for the El Paso school district. I can ask her which schools within the area would be good. There are so many names on that list that I have never heard about.

    In terms of where to live, El Paso seems to be expanding/renovating all over the place. I grew up on the "west side" and I have loved it. Its not as busy as the east side and lower valley, and personally, I feel safer.

    I still have an abundance of friends living there, one even works at a leasing office for some apartments on the west side. She may be able to give me a general idea on how the housing system works.

    I really hope I'll be able to help!

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