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Thread: Twentynine Palms!

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    Twentynine Palms!

    Hey Ladies, DH just got his orders to 29 Palms confirmed today so we will be there in October. Tell me the good and bad! We are super excited to get out of where we are now. How is on base housing?
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    Lucky girl! I miss that place so much! I never thought I would say it but I do! There is definately nothing out there but the base compensates for that. However, they were building a brand new exchange when we left last year. They have an awesome waterpark for the kiddos if you have some. Even if you don't, I've seen a few people just do a stroll through it to cool off! I had heard a Target or Walmart was in the planning stages but the city doesn't want a big time chainstore in there so I wouldn't count on it coming soon. There are decent restaurants. I recommend China Inn, Santana's, Carousel Cafe ( A MUST!) and Rib Co!

    As far as the bad, the only one is the extreme heat. It's the desert but every house has A/C. Palm Springs is about 40 minutes away. It's a nice getaway to Costco, SuperWalmart and malls! Fabulous things to do there as well. Most of the units in Twentynine Palms go to Las Vegas or Laughlin for their MCBalls! We are stuck in San Diego and have to go to a local hotel for more money than when we were out there!

    I truly miss all the people there. It's a small community aboard a huge base! You'll get to know people fast there. What I always felt comforting is walking into the PX or Home Store and being greeted by name. Either it's really small or I was shopping way too much! We are praying that we get orders back to 29Palms. We have some beautiful memories of our 3 years there. Knowing what I know now, I never would have wanted to leave!

    Some people hate it some people love it! It's really what you make of it. Base housing is nice and updated too. Any other questions, let me know. These are just things at the top of my head that I can remember.

    Jay + Robin = Tweethearts

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