So much for a 1-3 month wait list. We went on the wait list for Village at Serra Mesa 3 months ago, and it's looking like there won't be a house for us in time. We have to be out of our house before August 1, which really means we need to move the end of July (like... less than a month from today), and there is no house available or coming available to their knowledge. So we either need to get something off the "hot sheet" and there were a couple houses available at Miramar Milcon, but not sure if they're still available.

I'm so stressed out, I'm on the verge of tears. We wanted to live in the Village at Serra Mesa so bad. That's where one of my only friends lives. Not to mention, we were hoping to live closer to 32nd street since that's where DH is stationed.

So anyway, I'm rambling... but can anyone tell me anything about Miramar Milcon housing? Thanks!