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Thread: twentynine palms?

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    I've been here since Aug last year, it's our second tour here. I like it because it's gorgeous but I liked it more when I didn't have a child. Mostly because the sun is so hot and i'm a sun screen nazi. It's hard to make play dates in the scolding heat out here. but we manage!! because obviously everyone is in the same boat. Also lots of ladies here don't have kids. It's easier to go lay out by the pool with some gals and get to know them when you're not chasing around a 1 year old. So I have to admit finding a new niche here after having my daughter was difficult.

    I love the cold winter here, it's a great change from the 100 degree temperatures.

    I honestly don't mind the drive 50 minutes to Palm Springs for a good time. You don't realize how much money you save not eating out all the time, or not frequenting the mall as much.

    Jobs are bleak, but MCCS is opening a new MCX that opens in the next few months where they just hired a bunch of people. But honestly if you don't need to work, this is one of those duty stations where you can embrace that fact (if you're sans kids) by taking up hiking in Joshua Tree National park, or going to one of the gazzillion "parties" (Scentsy, Dove Chocolate, It Works! etc) and meeting ladies! Find the "USMC twentynine Palms", "SugarN'Spice Twentynine Palms" groups on facebook. Once they accept you, you are pretty much linked to everyone in the city, lol

    Oh and out here, rent, dont buy
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    Twentynine Palms, CA
    I'll be there in October!
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    Hi ladies I just moved here 2 weeks ago and looking for friends
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    ME; Los Angeles, HIM: Yuma, AZ
    I'm roughly 2 hours from 29 Palms... willing to meet up with people
    *miles mean NOTHING when you are in love, and love means EVERYTHING when you are miles apart*

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