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Thread: White Sands New Mexico

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    Help White Sands New Mexico

    Juat found out that we are being assigned to NM....Dose anyone or has anyone lived there..WHAT IS THERE TO DO ALL I SEE IS SAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How is housing? which is a major factor for me......

    Thanks so much in advance for your help!!
    I Love My Baby!
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    Are you actually being assigned to White Sands?

    New Mexico is a very diverse state, much more than just the sand dunes. In the southern part, you have areas of farming, including crops like green chile and pecans. There's also a fairly significant dairy industry and, of course, lots of cattle ranching. You have mountainous areas throughout the state, with a wide variety of wildlife. Even White Sands has a couple of very exotic species, oryx and ibex, which can be a lot of fun to see.

    You have Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico State (the land grant) in Las Cruces, University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and a number of other universities and colleges.

    You have ski areas - including Ski Apache in the mountains near Ruidoso. You have 35 state parks and an abundance of national lands.

    And, in Albuquerque in October, you have the premiere International Balloon Fiesta.

    County fairs, the state fair, pinon candy, pow wows, fry bread . . . there's a lot to love. New Mexico has a unique tri-cultural history (Hispanic, Native American tribes, and the pioneer settlers), outlaws and bandits, a Civil War fort, and a spaceport.

    Not to mention the Roswell aliens.

    Every duty post has its benefits. My dad's mom moved to Albuquerque when she was eight because her mother (my great-grandmother) had tuberculosis. My dad grew up in Albuquerque and I grew up in northeastern New Mexico. Although I no longer live there, I still think my home state has TONS of blessings to offer.
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    Well I drove through White sands, NM on our way out to CA. It looked really pretty we stopped at the White sands National park which was awesome. The housing looked nice when we drove by it. Sorry I can't be more help.
    ~ Sara ~
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    Are you going to be in Alamagordo? There are a varitey of things to do, in NM ..if your going to be in that city..near by is El Paso Tx.. really pretty city. We also have NMSU in Las Cruces.. and and hour away is Elephant butte(really nice lake). Southern NM is full of outdoor activities

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