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Thread: Anyone with Special Boat Team 12?

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    Anyone with Special Boat Team 12?

    This is one of the possible billets for DH (not really sure though). Just kind of wondering what it'd be like? I understand it's small craft... and DH is worried he'd be sea sick (don't tell him I said that LOL).

    There's a destroyer in San Diego he's looking at as well but I don't remember which one.
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    Can my dh trade with yours? ... j/k He wanted STB 12 bad and there was a billet open but was filled just before he could pick orders. Your dh can take meds for sea sickness. A destroyer would be great, too. I wish dh could have gotten one, he loves destroyers but is on an LSD... he hates it with a passion but at the time of order picking, it was that or IA.
    So dh has been on the USS Higgins and USS Benfold (both destroyers), but this was a while ago, they did the sea swap trials in 2002-2003.

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