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Thread: Anyone in Albuquerque?

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    Anyone in Albuquerque?

    I'm thinking about spending Spring Break with my grandparents. I would be making an 18-hour road trip and there's no way I'm doing it in one shot.

    Is there anyone in Albuquerque who has a couch I could crash on in about a week?
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    Bugs Bunny?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilinkgirl View Post
    Bugs Bunny?
    I was born there - use the Al-bu-qoie-que line regularly.

    No longer in the region, but for more replies.
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    sweetie you just missed me! We were at Kirtland all last year. ABQ is a nice place to visit...but i'd never choose to live there again! check out the Air Force Inn at Kirtland AFB if all else fails and make sure to check out Madrid and the Turquoise Trail if you have a chance!
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    I'm an idiot....

    How was your break Brianna?
    R.I.P. My Love, Everyone was supposed to come home together, I'm sorry you had to come home early

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