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Thread: Camp Pendleton ~ Serra Mesa

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    Confused Camp Pendleton ~ Serra Mesa

    DH and I got orders suddenly for Camp Pendleton.. and due to the short notice decided to just suck it up and live in on base housing (Thank you so much cuttielawgirl for giving us the info!) Well the only place we could afford was Serra Mesa..... Does anyone know anything about this place.. I mean Ive seen the floorplans and whatnot and we were given our house and whatnot but I know nothing about the neighborhood..... any info?
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    What do you mean it was the only place you could afford? I'm 99% positive they take all your BAH just like most all the other housing. It never goes above the amount you are given for housing.

    There are ones that are a couple mil. housing complexes cheaper than that too. Like there are apartments for around 1,100 and a couple townhouses that are 1,600.

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