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Thread: Change of plans. Nevermind!

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    Change of plans. Nevermind!

    A friend of mine that I've known since kindergarten is stationed at Camp Pendleton, deploying soon, and wants to get together this weekend. I suggested meeting in the middle... which would be Yuma.

    What is there to do there? Are there decent places to eat? We haven't seen each other since high school so we would probably just be sitting at a restaurant catching up the majority of the time anyway.

    And if Yuma is too terribly boring, are there other towns around that might have something more interesting? (I know that one is probably a stretch. )


    Update: Change of plans! He doesn't have his car here, which I didn't know. I'm going to be leaving Thursday after class, skipping my Friday morning class (which is recorded and put online, so not a huge deal), and heading back here Friday evening so I can work next weekend!
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    My db is in yuma. Hahaha
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    Yuma kind of reminds me of.... an armpit.

    I'm sure there are nice parts... but the few times I've passed through, I wasn't a fan.
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    There is a Red Lobster and an Olive Garden there, right by the main shopping area (Kohl's, Target, JCP, etc.)

    I haven't been there in 2 years, but I doubt it's changed that much since then.
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    The last time I was in Yuma was a few years ago and there wasn't much. Maybe it's changed but yeah I agree with LittleMsSunshine, LOL!
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    We drive through it all the time to get from San Diego to Colorado. I would def stop there as a halfway point! There are quite a few chain restaurants off the freeway (the 8) and there are a few little sights to see (Yuma Territorial Prison, Tumco Historic Townsite, etc.). There really is not much else unless you wanted to drive the whole way to San Diego and meet in Lakeside or El Cajon or somewhere.
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    I drive through it whenever I visit home (Tucson). My dad calls Yuma the "armpit of Arizona" and every time I've driven through it I stop for gas and that's about it. I've never really stayed to look around. There really isn't that much to do in between San Diego and Tucson/Phoenix if you take the 8, but the only other option is to make the whole drive to east county (El Cajon, Lakeside, etc.) like Heidismom said. If you're really just looking for a restaurant to sit and talk, then Yuma should work. There just isn't too much otherwise.
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    LOL I all I know about Yuma is that my best friend who lived there LOVED it
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    The point of no return. Is that a duty station?
    I know it has changed a lot in the last 5 years, but it's no San Diego. You can always drive 2.5 hours away to SD.
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    We are stationed in Yuma. I honestly don't like it, but we came here from San Diego. There is Olive Garden, Ah So, Golden Corral, Applebees, and I am sure there are more that I am missing. The thing about Yuma is there isn't anything close. San Diego and Phoenix are both about 3 hours away.

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