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Thread: Sticky thread on housing in SD....

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    Confused Sticky thread on housing in SD....

    Is this thread no longer active? I read thru about 20 pages of posts but could find no info on Coronado or Silver Strand housing.

    But I did read alot about people actually driving from the East Coast to San Diego....I thought the military would fly your family out there? Is this not the case?
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    Did you check on to see about Silver Strand? They have a "hot sheet" that tells you whats avaliable and when.
    DH had to drive from DC to San Diego. I guess military doesn't ship cars anymore.
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    Stateside to stateside base the military does not fly you or ship cars. Only to overseas bases and back do they pay for airlines and shipping of one vehicle.
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    The thread is semi active. There have been posts within the last couple months.
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    You have to find your own car shipping company and everything- but you will get money towards shipping one car- active duty member needs to claim it on their travel claim when they check into their new unit. Its hard to find info on that- we shipped 1 car from NC to Cali and ended up paying less than $100 out of pocket for it! Well worth it if you can find a decent and legit company..

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