Calling other ladies in San Onofre or nearby San Clemente that don't mind a little drive to hang out (I'm in 1 up near the elementary school).

Just relocated here from the Southeast and I'm lost. No friends, no family and the husband works long, long hours. I have 3 kids (1, 3, and 5 - all boys) so I can't just always pickup and go. I'm looking for some gal pals that don't mind coming to me.

I'm approaching 30 but I am not very picky about ages if you are trustworthy and we can find some common ground. I love my children but they are just part of the things I enjoy in life - ya know? I have an identity outside of mom but they come first. I wouldn't be against occasionally getting a sitter and having a day trip with a buddy to the mall or the beach or to get a pedicure or something.

I am a nurse but not working right now until we get settled. I do go to school full time online for my nurse practitioner degree.

I love to scrapbook but I haven't done it in about a year because its hard to get a moment with the little guys running around. I like to craft, paint, and I'm trying to learn how to garden. Bonus if you want to help me dig up a yard and plant plants and junk.

I love, love, love to cook and entertain. I have a girliecrush on Martha Stewart. haha. I am trying to learn how to bake now and would love a pal that wants to experiment in the kitchen with me. It would be a big bonus if you and your husband (kids if you have them) want to hang out, have cookouts and family outings to the beach or legoland or whatever.

I would love to have a group of pals that also don't go home for holidays so we can have a makeshift family for celebrations, gift exchanges, etc.

I am a sports fan. Big UFC fan, love college basketball and NFL. We love to have get togethers with friends for the big games. Would like to tailgate at a chargers game sometime!

I also need to lose about 20 pounds but I'm lazy. I need motivation and a walking buddy that doesn't care that I walk slow and have the muscle tone of a bowl of spaghetti.

I like to read and write as a hobby.

If you are like me and feeling displaced and in need of friends you can trust to hang with, bitch, cry, support each other, etc then lets talk and see if we can bond. That sounds so gay but its not like grade school when I can just invite you over to spend the night and watch movies.

Anyone KWIM?