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Thread: SD housing question

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    SD housing question

    Just curious if anyone could give me an info on this:

    We currently live in Murphy Canyon and my hubby is stationed at MCRD. If he got Camp Pendleton would we qualify to move up to base housing at Pendleton? I heard somewhere that it needed to be at least 50 miles PCS (which its only about 43 miles It would be 3 years of living in Murphy Canyon before PCSing up to Pendleton.

    Thank you in advance
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    Hmm I'm not sure if the rules are different for BASE housing... but it seems to me that since you'd be there for YEARS before wanting to move that they'd be able to accommodate it (I mean, they move someone when they qualify for more bedrooms and stuff, ya know?).

    Plus... BAH is different up there, so that would affect some people as well.

    AND.. I know with my ex... he has "PCS'd" several times but he's been at the SAME BASE since 1997... but with each PCS, he was able to get a move out of the Navy (which worked out well because we'd be moving into a new house or something, and the Navy would pay for it). I do know there were some restrictions on that--like he had to be going sea to shore or shore to sea or something... not shore to shore.

    I would call the housing office in the morning. The biggest thing to me is that... if it's far enough away for BAH to be different, it seems like it should be far enough away to get housing reassigned!

    Sorry I'm not more help!!
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    Its my understanding - if its new orders then yes, you (should) be able to move. Your best bet is to simply call the main housing office.
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    You'll be able to move even if it isn't 50 miles because it's a new station, but I don't think the navy will move you. My husband's used 1 move in 13 years of service and that was from Kansas to CA and when we tried to get them to do it they told us we had to be moving MORE than 50 miles from here.

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