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Thread: Miramar!!

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    So, my Marine husband and I will be moving to miramar middle of August from Phoenix! I'm excited but nervous! Does anyone know anything about the housing there? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Hi there!!! I am so excited for you , that you are getting to move. Lincoln Military Housing | Navy, Marine Corp, Army, Air Force this website should help you and there are lots of posts about the housing here that you can read up on. Good luck with your move. When you get here feel free to pm me and I can help you get connected on base if you want.
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    Welcome to San Diego! We just got here in June and we love our house on base. Let me know if you need any info! Housing was pretty easy to work with.
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    You'll find housing here pretty easy to work with. I love the Murphy cayon area witch isn't far at all from Miramar, and have heard good things about base housing on Base as well. I have come to find out it's either you don't like it here or you love it here. If you have a dog more then 30pounds you'll have to talk to housing I know they told us that Miramar doesn't allow big dogs and neither does Licoln that I know of. I do know some places in the Murphy cayon area they do. Anyways, to San Diego.

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