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Thread: San Diego Venues

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    Jump for Joy San Diego Venues

    I was curious if anyone in the San Diego area, or from San Diego, has any suggestions on wedding/reception venues.
    -Can be outside of San Diego, we live in Ramona, and would love to do something up in the mountains or outside the city.
    -We also want to be able to have ceremony and reception at one place
    -The less expensive the better
    - approx 65 people
    Any advice would be wonderful
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    I was actually just looking at the venues the military has to offer down here the other day and some of them are beautiful, you can find them through the mwr website and the prices are really good as venues go. They also have catering and linens and all kinds of other stuff.
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    Julian would be nice. But also consider the commute for your guests, depending on where they'll be staying.
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    We had ours on Naval Air Station North Island (Coronado Island). We got married on the Breakers Beach deck and had our reception indoors but you can ALSO have your reception on the Breakers Beach deck (but I think you have to pay for a minimum of 75 people.. we had our reception indoors and the room had a 50 person minimum which worked for us). I don't have my photos back (we just got married May 28), but our photographer took pictures of another wedding there, so here ya go. Island Club Catering (or Navy Region Southwest Catering) has a website now but it doesn't have a lot of pictures of Breakers Beach or the Island Club... it has a lot of pictures of their other facilities (Admiral Kidd and Admiral Baker I think?) that look really nice too though.

    Here is our photographer's website where she photographed another couple's wedding at Breakers Beach:

    Weddings | Megan Ann Photography - Part 4

    And here is the Navy Region Southwest Catering website:

    Catering Home
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    I dont know how cheap they are, but I used to work for a catering company in San Diego so I know a few places:

    Thursday Club
    Sunset Cliffs (its a hotel I think its my favorite, ocean view is amazing)
    Darlington House (in La Jolla)
    Community Center in Coronado
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    we're having ours at Sunset Cliffs. There are different spots there. It's sooo pretty. Just google Sunset Cliffs San Diego. You have to get a permit and it's like, $200 for 4 hours (i think...give or take some $$) You can also have your reception there which is nice.
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    Julian and Temecula are your best bets for outside/mountain sort of places.

    Julian has a number of bed & breakfasts that do weddings. They also have Candied Apple Company who does super yummy cakes (they were going to do our cake before we could no longer do the wedding in SD).

    Temecula, look for the wineries and some of the inns. A lot of them do packages and can help you out.
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    La Jolla Cove has a really really pretty cliff over looking the water where they normally do concerts and suck that could be a nice place for a wedding/reception. I'm not sure how you would go about getting it though cause it is a public place. Also, parking is kinda limited in the area.
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    Thank you everyone for the suggestions, I am going to check these places out

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