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    Confused MOS Training...

    Hi Ladies! My husband is currently in Missouri for MOS training, he should be done middle of August then hoping to move to Pendleton...Seems like his whole attitude has changed since he got there bout a month ago...We argue all the time about stupid stuff which we shouldnt even be arguing!! It's tearing our marriage apart and I dont know what to do! I'm scared he's going to give up on our marriage and go out and find someone else or cheat on me...I'm having a rough time dealing with this right now...I'm trying to keep myself busy when I get off of work to keep my mind from wandering or thinking of him all the time...HELP!!!
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    I'm not married yet, but I know my DB goes back and forth on things. Some days things are great other days not so much and they are going thorugh a lot and there is a lot of changes and adjustments going on for them. My advice is to hang in there and like you said you were doing keep busy. Communication really is key. Things change constantly, just let him know you are there for him!
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    Tell him how you feel. Tell him how important he is to you and how you will be by his side no matter what stress he is going through. It's tough but a lot of the wives get the flack from their husband's job (military or not)

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