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Thread: Nanny rate for CA

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    Confused Nanny rate for CA

    On our way to CA in the nearish future with 3 kids in tow.

    They'll be 1, 3, and 5.

    Will probably need a nanny for about 40 hours a week. We'd really like a live-in nanny (during times of deployment and Im not talking about taking care of kids 24/7, just while Im at work or grocery shopping and a little light housework and laundry the 3 days I'm pulling 12 hour shifts) but Im guessing that that isn't going to be a reality on base unless we could luck up and find someone that has a deployed husband that would want to stay with us. It would have been ideal to have an au-pair but I know that isn't going to happen on a base. The 5 year old will be at school most of the day.

    I'm finding a lot on conflicting info on pay rates. This will be near San Diego.

    What are you paying your sitters?
    Anyone ever had a live-in? What were you paying her since room and board were free?
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    Hm, I know for live-out for a 3 year old it was $10/hr and $15/hour if I added my newborn. That seemed to be the average. I would interview a handful of people, calculate the average of the rates they are offering, and then turn around and offer your fave person that rate (i.e. if your fave person said she was $200/week but you found the average was $150, ask her if she'd accept $150) ... I found that the girls i interviewed were willing to negotiate pay. Goodluck!!
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    I was just browsing some classifieds for kicks and the going rate seemed to be about $150/wk. This was in So Cal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guerita View Post
    I was just browsing some classifieds for kicks and the going rate seemed to be about $150/wk. This was in So Cal.
    $150/week for a full-time live-in nanny? Isn't $150 like what it costs just to have ONE kid in daycare at the CDC on base? That sounds awfully low...

    OP, is the snag you're running into that you're not allowed to have someone else living in your home in base housing? I can see how that'd be a problem unless you were able to find someone who is a wife with no kids in your husband's command who would want to do it (and that seems like a longshot... plus, even if she was living with you, it's not like that would save her boarding expenses.. she would still have her own home to maintain).

    Is living off base not an option? It seems like that would be your best bet with having a live-in nanny.

    I have no idea what the going rate is. I know that half-day daycare (20 hours per week) for my son at the public school was going to be $500/month. That's $5.77/hour for ONE child. For babysitters, I've been told that for two kids (4 and 7, so no infants/diapers) I should be paying about $10/hour. If one was an infant or if I had 3 kids, $15/hour.

    Well... I couldn't make that much working, so guess who's a stay at home mom?

    Good luck with you situation, I hope you're able to figure out something that works!
    Beth, Mama to Emmalee (12), Evan (9), and Ella (4 on May 7) (I really REALLY need to update my picture!)

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