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Thread: SD ladies-tricare dental doctor?

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    SD ladies-tricare dental doctor?

    Hi ladies I have to call tricare tomorrow morning and get referred to a dentist that can look at my wisdom teeth. I know I need to get them removed so i was hoping someone on here could tell me a good dentist around here! Thanks
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    tierrasanta dental group or stonecrest dental group, they're pretty much the same thing.. if your income qualifies ( probably does cause ours does..) you can apply for care credit through them and if your total is over 1000 (probably wont be..) you get no interest for a year. (600, half a year.) super nice and clean facilities.
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    we go a new dentistry in tierrasanta called In the Hills- its right next to the Tierrasanta Library and I have gone there a few times already and been happy with them. Never a long wait- you can make an appointment pretty much the same week (but they are closed on Fridays)

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