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Thread: SD Ladies! Friday Night

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    Neener SD Ladies! Friday Night

    On Friday, March 5, Hubby and his friends are going to a concert and he told me to have a girls night at my place. I was thinking of maybe making my famous Chicken spaghetti! i started the Passion Party business about a month ago and had my first party last weekend. i still need some practice on talking infront of groups of people. I tend to get distracted when people move or talk and i need to break that habit lol i was wondering if yall would mind me going over my stuff? maybe look through the catalog and give me some ideas of what you would like to see demonstrated? you dont have to buy anything! This is just for my practice im not trying to sell anything but if you do want to buy something you can and if people do decide to buy something ill do a drawing for a guest hostess (10% of sales in free product!)! let me stress, you dont have to buy anything lol if yall dont want to do that we can watch a movie or play apples to apples or something but i was just throwing out ideas! let me know if you want to come over!
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    Wish I could have been there for that. :/
    Chicken Spaghetti is the best.

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