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    Sad TierraSanta

    Anyone know of any good nailshops around here? I went to the one over by Sizzler (Nails Pro I think is what it is called) and they don't have nice designs for nail art. Also, after 1, count it, "1" week from getting a fill, my nail broke off. All I was doing was cleaning food from under it (trail mix ). But I need to find a place that gives nice full sets and actually cares what your nails look like when they are done with them. This place really doesn't do your cuticles and when they are done, you have all kinds of residue all ober your hands that soap and water just won't take off. Help...any suggestions?
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    theres a nail place on terrasanta blvd by by starbucks! i dont know how good they are though. theres a pretty good place in missionvally mall by target thats pretty good
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    There is a great place up by Miramar, its right off miramar road and black mountain, its not fancy by any means BUT they do a great job and are pretty cheap too. Also there is a place on Scripps Poway parkway (one exit about mira mesa blvd) its right next to the vons, called happy nails I think, they do a good job
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    I use to goto the one right across from round table pizza on the corner of santo rd. but i havnt got my nails done for a wile. My neighbor goes to amrinail not sure where it is but hers stayed on for a long time she had to go back to get them removed 6 weeks later.
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