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Thread: Optometrist in SD

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    Optometrist in SD

    I'm looking for an optometrist in SD that can examine kids. Walmart is out of pocket and right now that is out for us. 32nd street only does exams for kids over 9. Where else is there that accepts tricare and will examine kids?
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    I thought there were places out in town that accept Tricare- I am not sure exactly who though- I am sorry- we just moved here over the summer. Back in NC, they told us that you just had to call around to places out in town and see if they accepted tricare or not

    Sorry I cant be of any more help.
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    I go to the one in Lemon Grove, by WalMart... no out of pocket. She is right by the Payless by the Wally World in Lemon Grove.
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    There was a clinic on Miramar you can try calling or the one at Balboa

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