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Thread: San Diego High Schools

  1. Bigmammajohns
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    San Diego High Schools

    Hi. My husband is in the Navy and we may be going to have a ship port change to San Diego. I have gotten some information on elementary schools. I have kids that are 14, 6 and 4. I haven't come across too many with older kids and any feedback on high schools would be appreciated. Actually any info on housing, schools and or whatever would be appreciated. I was born at Camp Pendleton and was out in SanDiego as a kid, but its been some years since then. thanks Monica
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    The high school here for Murphy Canyon housing made some top list of high schools. Like top 500 or something. they were in the one hundreds. they have come a LONG way. from what i heard it used to be really bad. My friends that do have older kids love that school!
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    Try going to I use this for all of our moves. It gives you the stats/ranking, test scores, demographics/diversity, teacher stats, parent reviews. There are links to each of the schools if you want to check out what programs they offer.

    For housing....go to and click on welcome aboard and family housing will get a snapshot and curren wait list/features for various housing. Also try which is lincoln clark property managment. This is an updated site with pictures of recently renovated properties and others that they manage. Good luck!
  4. Bigmammajohns
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    Thanks, I took a quick look at the school website. It seems great and like the parent reviews. My oldest is in a program that offers college credit while in high school so I am interested in trying to find something similar and this looks like I can get some good info and part of the housing decisions could be based on this. Monica
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    Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?
    I can tell you from personal experience, I'm an alumni, DO NOT go to Southwest High.

    I would look at the brand new schools in Chula Vista or schools in Coronado or up north like Torrey Pines. These schools scored well in the last testing I read about this year.
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    I teach at Coronado High School and I highly encourage you to check us out We have the highest scores and the environment is wonderful and supportive PM me if you want some more information
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    As for housing... I love living in Chollas Heights. I find it nice, quiet, and my sons' elementary school is literally in my backyard. They go to a very small (400 students) elementary school. Its a year round school, very centred on learning. I am currently looking for a middle school, as my oldest will be done with Carver this year
    Good luck with the move!
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    Im an Alumni of Poway High and think they are absolutely fabulous. I also really like the fact that Poway resident taxes go straight to the Poway schools unlike all the bs drama with the county/city taxes of SD going to the schools.

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    I'm an alumni of Mira Mesa High School. If you have any questions about that school, let me know. I agree with Wileys Cherries, Poway's School District is MUCH better than SD City School District. I grew up in San Diego from the time I was 5, so PM if you have any specific questions about any elementary, junior high, or high schools, I'd be happy to help!

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  10. Bigmammajohns
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    Thanks ladies, while we were in Michigan for Christmas it became official, there is going to be a port change. So San Diego here we come! I'll be sending some questions your way soon. Monica
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