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Thread: Pacific View Questions Camp Pendleton

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    Help Pacific View Questions Camp Pendleton

    So, I am still pondering the thought of moving out to Pendleton from AZ. I was wanting to get some of the ladies opinions on Pacific View. Do you like it....if so what do you like about it....if you dont like it...what is it that you don't like and so forth. Also I went to the housing website and saw a couple pics of Pacific View, but it doesn't have great pics. Can anyone put up pics or send me pics of Pacific View? I know it's kind of an odd question to ask, but I don't know if I will get a change to see it before I agree to moving there. Help please!!!! Thanks ladies!!!
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    Pacific View North or South? I have a picture I think on here of mine I am in Pacific View North and I love it. Its very quiet up here close to the front gate and free way. Were you offered a house over here? If so pm me the address and I could drive by and take a picture for you.
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