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Thread: SD- Orleck Heights

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    Neener SD- Orleck Heights

    We just got our first offer for military housing and its in Orleck Heights! We went and looked at the house and its super nice! We move in in 2 weeks!
    The lady at the housing office said that they navy pays for one move a year. we dont know how true that is but we arnt holding our breath DH isnt changing commands or anything but it still wont hurt to ask. Does anyone on here live in Orleck Heights? how do you like it?
    im super stoked! no more room mate, we finally have a backyard, lots of storage, a garage and most importantly.....A/C!!!!!
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    I love it here. I am in the one story 4 bedroom.

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    my friend (I_love_my_QM) shes in orleck heights too. shes got a 2story 3bedroom house... im jealous of the kitchen she has (the space its bigger than mine)

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