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Thread: yoohoo Kendra

  1. KevzQueen
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    yoohoo Kendra

    I just saw you sitting straight and tall behind the wheel on Franklin. You must teach me good posture. Anyway, pls give me a call soon. I will be buying some goodies very soon. I'd like another book, pls. Can you be like the Avon lady and drop it at my door, or do I have to pick it up? Guess what, Kevin left almost two weeks ago and I sent him away before buying him a pocket buddy. lol I just remembered. I told him that he could share with all his buddies. eeew! gross! I just like to gross him out. He told me that was wrong on so many levels. Anyway, I know I talk too much. Yes pls send me another book if you can or let me know when to pick it up. My nbr is 7-8427 Thanks lady!
  2. proudacwife
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    lol. No problem I can get you some books. I will call in a as soon as these kiddos go down.....maybe even tomorrow if they end up taking a while to settle down. As far as posture goes...I had not idea....I am going to be self consious about it now just to catch myself doing it.
  3. KevzQueen
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    good posture is a good thing. Ok I'm getting these kids down too. They're reading and then lights out in 16:53 and counting!

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