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Thread: Military Discounts in SD

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    The Museum at Balboa Park too (the one that has Grossology and the other cool "kid" exhibits). I think it is Tuesday nights.

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    some great places ladies!! :-)
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    The Sketchers outlet in the San Ysidro outlet mall gives military discount.
    I just used it 2 weeks ago when buying my cute and comfy pair of sketchers!

    ETA: I also got a military discount at the Striderite outlet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachael View Post
    Does home depot do military discounts all the time? Ours did, but just for Memorial day weekend?!

    That would be awesome!
    We were told at Home Depot they only do military discounts on Memorial day weekend as well.
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    July 4th weekend and memorial day weekend are for home depot
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    My cousin is rebuilding the engine on his car so in the last week I've found out that Auto Zone and Kragens also do discounts, not sure how much though.
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    AT&T does discounts as well.
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    Sprint also offers a military discount. I bet if you said something to Home Depot about the fact the Lowes offers a 10% discount all the time, they may offer you one.

    Also Hot Topic, Bass Pro Shop, Aeropostle, Red Robin, Champs sports and if you have a Cavenders(western wear), anywhere near you they offer one as well.

    But again I would always ask.
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    Once Upon a Child in Oceanside had a military discount. It's a children's resale shop.
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    AT&T gives a discount too!!
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