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Thread: Arbor Day Tree Planting Coronado

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    Arbor Day Tree Planting Coronado

    If you're interested - please contact Ron Henderson at for more information.
    (I e-mailed and he said just show up!)

    What: Coronado Arbor Day Tree Planting
    When: April 25th, 0830-1200
    Where: Meet at Spreckels Park Pavilion, Orange Ave

    More Info:

    - Volunteers needed! Bring your command and/or your whole family and have a
    TREE-mendous day!
    - Sign-in at the Spreckels Park Pavilion (between 6th St and 7th St on
    Orange Avenue, Coronado).
    - A demo tree is planted and then they send you to different parts of the
    island to plant the trees.
    - After everyone returns from the tree planting, enjoy pizza, drinks and
    certificates of apppreciation.
    - Quite a few folks enjoy the day and everyone always leaves with a big
    - Bring some gloves and closed toe shoes and dig in.(:
    - For more information, contact Ron Henderson at

    Kids of all ages are welcome! I figure itd be something good to do with my children since there aren't many volunteer oppurtunities for their age (and I know K would LOVe to finally have something to do with her pnik kitty gardening gloves)
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