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Thread: san clemente, CA

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    san clemente, CA

    and surrounding areas.
    Does anyone know about how long it would take to drive from there to Camp Pen, mainside?
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    mapquest it
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    Probably about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic. You mean the gate that's in Oceanside?
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    My aunt lives in San Clemente and when I was down there visiting it only took me about 45 mins to get to the navy hospital in san diego so it should be way less time to get there than that, just avoid early morning and late afternoon the traffic gets real bad and you could be stuck on the freeway forever. hope that helps!
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    you would probably enter base off the 5 (since that is where san clemente is) and drive across base to mainside. takes us like 1/2 hour or so. san clemente borders camp pendleton! depending on what gate you go in to go across base would determine your time!
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    Depends where in San Clemente. I live one exit from the Christianitos gate and it takes me 20-30 min to get to Mainside by way of the 5 fwy. Through base takes about 35-40, usually.
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    I go through base db is stationed right near san clemente- it takes me 20-30 mins through. I drive the exact speed limit the whole way lol
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    It takes us from getting on the five by coast hwy about 35-40 min at most.... and shortest time it took was about 15
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    We lived in San Clemente (off Pico) for the last 3 years and he works on the airstation so he would go in the Las Pulgas gate, but when we'd go to the commissary, it would maybe take us 20 or so minutes to get to the main gate (in Oceanside). Depends on how fast you drive of course.... we just make sure we were never the fastest ones on the road.

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