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Thread: Anyone here stationed at Ft. Sill Oklahoma?

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    Anyone here stationed at Ft. Sill Oklahoma?

    Hi y'all!

    DH and I got orders to go to Ft. Sill Oklahoma in June of this year...I was wondering if any of you are/were stationed there and can share any info about the area that might be helpful for our transition! Any info is much appreciated, TIA!

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    Jordan is close to there i think.

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    Good ole Lawton I don't like Lawton too much, but all of the surrounding towns I'm in love with. I'm from Elk City, and DB is stationed at Altus which isn't even an hour away from Ft Sill. There's a halfway decent mall in Lawton though if you like to shop. But if you have specific questions that are just about the area I'm sure I can answer them, I have lots of friends there, and visit often.
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    We were at Schofield and then at Ft Sill and now we just got to Carson. Going from Schofield to Sill is a HUGE change. Be ready to be bored lol. But I loved being at Sill because we are from Tulsa and it is only a 3 hour drive. Not much to do in Lawton but like others have said, OKC and Wichita Falls are only like an hour away. I am not really liking it at Carson and want to go back to Sill...we will see what happens after we are here for a year. Good luck. On post housing takes forever to get on. Huge waiting list.


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