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Thread: does anyone know of anyone hireing LVNs?

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    Question does anyone know of anyone hireing LVNs?

    I FINALLY got my license and now i need a job! Iv applied to Sharp and Scripts hospitals. Balboas site says its not hireing. Iv worked in a nursing home in Texas so i prefer not to work there but i will if i have to. iv looked on craigslist and applied to all the ones where i meet the criteria. i was just wondering if anyone know of any place specific who might could help me get my foot in the door! thanks ladies! i owe yall one!
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    congrats......Not in your area, i cant help
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    I'd try Sharp Rees Stealy clinic.. I'm an RN, and I work there right now as a float, but there are lots of LVN's. I use to work as Scripps hospital in La Jolla and we only had 2 or 3 LVN's on the floor, and they had worked there forever.
    Good luck...
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    Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?
    Paradise Valley is hiring LVNs. You can also try long term SNFs like Continental Rehab.
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    I don't know if you are interested in doing home nursing or not, but there are several companies in San Diego. My dd has two full time LVNs, we have used Western Health Care and Maxim. There is also another company called Interim Health Care. I'm sure there are more, but those three are ones that do pediatrics, so those are the ones I know about. Western Health Care hires nurses right out of school. One of my dd's nurses said Maxim pays better, and I thought they were a more professional company as a whole, but I think they require 1 year of experience. Home health might be an option for you if you need something right now, because they seem like they are always short on nurses.
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    You might try some of the temp agencies. That's how most of my friends got their foot in the door here in San Diego. It's not consistent starting out but if you prove to be reliable then they will use you more and it could lead to full time
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