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Thread: "pin up" photographers-san diego

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    I'm 3 hours from San Diego in Ventura, but I'm a photographer, I do pin ups, sexy shots, etc. for $50 (for military gf, wives, fiances, etc). you get a disc, about 200 photos and 2 prints, some touched up. If I could get enough people who would want to do it, I could travel down there, but it's just a thought. Send me a message if you're interested. and good luck. I know there is nothing better someone wants then seeing sexy photos of the girl (or guy) they love most!
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    cosmic frog photography...jeff is AWESOME!
  3. It's okay, I'm a nurse. I'm allowed to touch you there.
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    It's okay, I'm a nurse. I'm allowed to touch you there.
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    Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?
    Quote Originally Posted by RaMi View Post
    no it isnt cinnamon..i forget who she said! It was a guys name though because when she first said it i though "oh geez i thought it was goin to be a girl!" hmmm...maybe skylar then? I think i'll be nervous, but i hope it goes well!
    Skylar is totally awesome. She made me feel so comfortable the whole time. She's so fun during the shoot and I highly recommend her.
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