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Thread: San Antonio

  1. KevzQueen
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    San Antonio

    Anybody there? We're looking into places to live after he gets out the Navy. What's it like?
  2. Breezy
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    it is HOT there too lol
    but it is MUCH nicer than Corpus. There are lots of things to do there. if you like a nice sized city and hot weather it would be good. Deewix lives there and Debra is from there
  3. KevzQueen
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    Thanks Breezy. I don't like cold, so hot is fine. Does it cool off nicely around autumn?
  4. Senior Member
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    Hey there! I can try to answer any questions you have. Like Breezy said, I am from there!

    Yes it is rather hot there during the the 100's. But it a little different there than it is here in Corpus. Here it is more humid. There it is more dry heat. Oh & the winters are pretty mild....generally around the 40's. It does get in the 30's from time to time. It's been a long time since there was a good snow there....25 years or so.

    San Antonio is just awesome! There are so many things to do & see....from beautiful gardens, museums, good malls, theme parks (Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Sea World, Splashtown), the zoo, parks, historical areas (Alamo, different missions, etc), sporting events (basketball, fottball, hockey, baseball).

    There are a lot of small towns around SA that are more quiet but close enough to make a quick trip to SA if you want.

    Austin is an hour & half away as well lots of other cool places.

    There are great schools ( as well as bad ones) as far as elementary-high school, college, trade schools, etc.

    Lots of hospitals to choose from.

    Great job market!

    Let me know if you need any more specifics & I'll do my best to answer.
  5. KevzQueen
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    Thank you so much. SA sounds like a fun place! I grew up in humid weather, but it's still hard to deal with it. When I went back to my hometown in La for a short time after having lived in the San Diego area for a few yrs, I couldn't handle it. They called me Cali Girl. I got too used to the beautiful SD weather, I guess. It gets really hot here in Lemoore too, so I'm getting practice with 100 degree weather.
    thanks again!
  6. Breezy
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    If CC and SA were my only choices I would be in SA tomorrow
  7. Cat
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    yeah so would i breezy. SA has got to be better than CC any day.

  8. luvmysailor2001
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    We are looking at heading towards either the Houston or Ft Worth area when we retire. I've never lived in TX but so far I've liked what I've researched on it. We have a couple years yet though.
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    We are already here in San Antonio. We love it here. Bought a house, first thing. Housing is really affordable down here, right now. They just keep building more and more. We have about two more years to 20 and we are pretty sure that we will be retiring here or at least until my oldest graduates from high school.
    We have season passes to Six going there. Lots of bases to choose from. Hubby works at Ft. Sam and I work at Randolph. It does get pretty hot here in the summer but the winter is so nice.
  10. LaurenBeth
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    I have only visited there, but from what I saw it was nice. Mostly I just saw the downtown area. DH and I are looking to there for our next assignment so he can do a Baylor program. So if we go we will be there for about a year... but that is in a couple of years.

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