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Thread: Lemoore Ladies

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    Lemoore Ladies

    Right now we have been offered Lemoore for our next duty station as early as March. We have not eccepted it yet though. I was just wanting some info on the area. My daughter is preschool age but will be starting school there so how are the schools? What is there to do around there? How big is the area?

    We have been stationed all over CA. From Point Magu to Alameda, to San Digeo but never Lemoore. Dh has been to Lemoore for a few air shows but that is it. Other than that we know nothing about that area. I know it is pretty "country" there. How hot are the summers? Anything you can tell me about the area.

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    The schools here on base are great! I am from this area (about 40 miles away). My kids went to school out in town and since we switched them last March to the schools on base I am so much happier. There is really nothing around here. You pretty much have to find stuff to do. I am lucky that I have family near and always have something to do. If you want good shopping or restaraunts you have to either go to Visalia or Fresno which are both about 40 miles away.
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    There is a lot to do around here, but you have to drive at least 40 miles or more. There is Fresno, the beach, the mountains, and of course LA & SF are not that far either. Here it is kinda like the central point

    There are great schools on base, starting at the preschool level and they also have a Tiny Tots program at the Youth Center. They also have a lot of sports and dance stuff on the base for the kids.

    The summer can be hot but they are not that bad. I think that on average during the summer it gets up to 98 almost everyday, but it cools of at night. They have the Village pool and the Khaki pool to cool off at.

    But, it seriously stinks here A LOT!! Mostly during the winter time

    If there is anything else just ask, I feel like I have been here FOREVER!!!
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    I was born ad raised in Lemoore and tthey pretty much covered it..i love it here..but i'm also from here like i said so i might have a biast (sp?) opinion!!!
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    Well, from your picture, you would be in the same housing we are, the CPO housing, if you choose to live on base. It is very nice and new. We waited about a week and a half to move in when we got here and we were #3 on the list. We just moved here in October and I like it really well. Before we moved here there were people we talked to who just hated it because they were "bored" all the time. Those tended to be the people who liked to party or really thrive in big cities. There is plenty to do within a reasonable drive, though we haven't had the chance to venture out much yet. Well paying jobs can be difficult to find for spouses, unless you live in Visalia, which is much bigger than Lemoore or Hanford and has more opportunities. There are a lot of people who choose to live over there, but it is about a 45 minutes drive. Not bad, but in the winter when there is bad fog, it can be a pain. From what I hear about summer, it gets to the lower 100's, i.e 110, 115 degrees on a regular basis. But it is not humid and that can make a big difference. You also have to get used to the smell of cow manure. I find that on damp mornings it is the worst...the smell is in your car and all around outside. But, I guess I am getting used to it....LOL.
    I have two of my kids in one of the schools on base and I like it. They are big into sports.
    Of course there is also Assignment Incentive Pay for Lemoore, so he needs to ask about that also and ask his detailer if they will give him the max. I know they bid on it, but my DH's detailer just told him to put the max and they would give him the orders....of course we haven't gotten paid for it, but they are back paying it on the 1st of Feb all the way back to his report date of Nov. 5th.
    If you have any other questions or want pictures of the CPO housing, just PM me. I am rarely on here these days due to starting work....

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