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Thread: PCS-ing to San Diego, I need an idea

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    Help PCS-ing to San Diego, I need an idea

    Hello, I'm very new to the site. I just registered 5 mintues ago. I never knew there was even a site like this, how nice! I'm in a bit of a rut, kind of confused and blind to what I'm about to do. We are a duel military family (Navy). Right now we have 2 different places! I'm being assigned to NAS North Island, San Diego. DH is going to NAS Whidbey Island, WA. We have 2 babies, 4 and 1, I'm pregnant with our third due in May. I had a horrible experience with the hospitals here in Japan and refuse to do it again. I recieved my orders on the 26th of Dec and a report date 2 weeks later, there was no way personal property could move me since everyone was on holiday so I bought myself some time and sanity and had my report date changed to a month later. Our original PCS month was May but I'm due in May so I'll be in the very much missed US of A come Feb. DH will make it in time for the birth then report to WA. I've got to be as organized as I possibly can. The kids are on my pg2 so they will be coming with me. I'm scared to death of the traffic in the morning, I wonder if I'll ever be on time for work. I'm looking into moving into a housing area so the the kids can conveniently go to a CDC/CDH but I have no idea where the housing areas are. Is there some sort of website for San Diego Housing with maps and layouts? I heard the closest to the island is Silver Strand or something!?! I'm really nervous about this move. Its happened all so fast so I don't think a sponsor has time to try and contact me. ~Martin~
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    Wow, that must be tough having to go to two different places. We're in San Diego (although we'll be moving soon) and we're located in Murphy Canyon. This is the housing website where you can see all of the areas and neighborhoods.

    The great thing is that you can live in pretty much any area and still be okay as far as commute and CDH. There are almost always wait lists for housing and for the CDH, BUT I think dual military like in your case would probably be a special consideration. So, I hope they'll bump you up some.

    Miramar has housing and it's own CDH right there on base, and it's only about 15-20 minutes drive.

    Murphy Canyon is not on a base, but it's the largest housing area here and there is a CDH plus a few elementary schools right here within walking distance. The drive from here usually is not more than 10 minutes to 32nd street base, which is only a few minutes from North Island.

    Silver Strand would be the closest and I do think they have a CDH somewhere down there, but I'm not very familiar with that area. Good luck with your move!

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