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Thread: 29 Palms

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    The base isnt huge at all...There is land but not alot of stuff on it
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    I currently live in Twentynine Palms. There are plenty of myspace message boards and truthfully that's how you'll make most of your friends, that and on base functions. my husband and i live off base, in non-base related apartments, but everyone I know lives ON base. I'll post the links to the boards i belong to because we schedule get togethers and movie nights and all these fun things, even people with kids have "play dates"!

    Don't be afraid to not have a job. There isn't much besides places on base (that btw are mostly civilians from 29palms, and not Dependants, the establishments on base dont like military wives with deployed husbands because they ask for too many days off, or only want to work til their hubbys get back. ITS A LOAD OF SHIT!) and being a bartender in town, or working at a gas station, or being a bank attendant.

    Walmart is 21 miles away. So people PLAN to go to walmart, its funny
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    I grew up near there & I hate it Sorry to sound rude & so blunt but it is true & I don't want to sugarcoat it Best of luck
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    I live about 45min. from there. the way i drive 20min. lol. hit me up. i know a couple places. and have a time share not to far from there. with a car, you can make the best of anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs.Ordinance View Post
    I will give you my honest opinion...I think 29 palms is a total Hell Hole! Its like a tiny base with a tiny tiny small town around it and then nothing for miles and miles and then a small town and nothing for miles and miles and miles its just a total desert and bblllaahhhh lol
    ya I wanted to say that because I trying to refrain. It's always been referred to as the armpit of the Marines lol My brother HATED it there!! But ya know, everything is what you make of it.
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    the base smells like shit....literally like shit.....

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    My man is stationed there... but he is currently deployed. He's not too keen on it, but he makes the best of it
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    We just moved here a few days ago. We rented a house off base cause when we talked to housing they said there was a really really long waiting list for housing. So we just decided to rent. I'm the odd one here and LOVE it here. The base is small and smells But I think the landscape is beautiful. It's just how you make it out to be.
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    My hubby was stationed there when he was a MARINE....we hated it. Nothing to do! Very boring and brace yourself for the summer. It gets nasty hot out there. Good Luck!
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    i talked to a friend of mine about it...and she said honestly it was the closest place to hell she experienced...not to freak you out or anything...but she told me all sorts of horror stories about mold growing all over and it making it hard to breathe......and the heat w/ no air conditioning in a lot of the places....but that was just her experience....i've never been there though...

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