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Thread: Anyone knowof a good place to get an Up-Do?

  1. LuvinMyMarine
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    Question Anyone knowof a good place to get an Up-Do?

    I have a Christmas Party to go to on Friday and I would like to ge an up-do. I am looking for somewhere not too expensive.. but can do a nice job [otherwise I can just doit myself for free, lmao].
    Anyways. Anyone knwo a good place???

    Thanks in Avance.
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    I do not know of any place specific, but for the best bang for your buck I would go to a beauty school.
    When I went to my first ball I went to a beauty school. You have a teacher hovering the whole time. I had great hair, got compliments the whole night and it was over half less than going to a salon.
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  3. LuvinMyMarine
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    Oh, do they have one near Point Loma?? I know of the one in Oceanside [that is where I went to get an up-do for the ball too, lol.. and my wedding!]

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    I have gone to a beauty school and they did an okay job but I think the best up do I've had done was at the 32st Naval base beauty shop. They did a great job. I had my hair cut, washed, and put into a beautiful up-do for a reasonable price. They have all the prices posted on the wall when you book your appointment so you can easily total up what you have done. I just suggest going in there with a picture as a reference.

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