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Thread: SD Ladies who were MAND. evacuated for fire:

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    SD Ladies who were MAND. evacuated for fire:

    You might find this of interest... we got our hotel reimbursed by our insurance, but not our food (and I sure as hell don't eat out three times a day on a regular basis either) so we are applying. This only works though if your area had a mandatory evacuation and only for the days that mand. evac was in effect.


    This email pertains to any personnel that had to evacuate during the CA
    Wildfires. The Navy has agreed to reimburse those affected, under the
    condition that the evacuation was MANDATORY. If you fall in this
    category please complete the attached form and bring to me NLT 6 Dec 07.
    Once all the forms have been submitted you will receive an email
    explaining how to file a claim in regards to your individual situation.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email or call me.

    NOTE: In order to qualify for reimbursement of lodging/travel expenses
    as well as per diem for your dependents, you must have been under a
    MANDATORY evacuation. If you decided to evacuate due to smoke, etc. but
    it was not a mandatory evacuation you won't be able to submit a claim.

    Ana N. Gaul
    Administrative Assistant
    CSCS DET West
    (619) 556-7568
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    If you stayed in a hotel or anything your insurance covers that as well (-8

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