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Thread: MCRD San Diego.

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    MCRD San Diego.

    So, my husband and I are movin' out there in April and I have a few questions... like-- should we really wait for housing, or just get an apartment!? (i'm looking at the Ridge at San Diego..we need a place that allows 2 pets.)

    & how hard is it to make friends out there, considering I won't be on like a real...base? I was able to make friends out here in 29 palms (we live off base) thanks to a softball team that a bunch of us myspacer's decided to take part in. Sorta funny and creepy at the same time.

    So even if you dont know first hand, and if you've heard through the grapevine, I'd still like to know if i should even wait on housing..OH!
    AND how much does electric and gas run for everyone out there? I heard the rates are so much higher than over here.

    Thank you to anyone who replies! This will be our FIRST re-location!
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    we're not at MCRD, but we're at pendleton, and definitely it pays off to live off-base because of how much you get for can save money if you find a good place!!!

    other than that, i'm not help...sorry!

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    we are out of pandleton also but lived inland in escondido till DH deployed. Our electric and water would run us around $100 a month which wasnt bad to us at all. we also chose to live off base to get the money. We get $1400 and payed $1125 for rent and that was a 2 bed 2 bath. Its all up to you though. And to get basing with pets you have to qualify for it. I am not sure what the qualifications are though (I just found this out today)
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    for us it makes sense to wait for housing because we have kids. There is housing right across the street from MCRD. Its called Gateway Village but they don't accept animals. Theres ton of SD gals here, you'll have more friends then you know what to do with. i can't help you with the cost gas/electric because I don't pay for it, housing does.
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    I've lived down here all my life and only now am I with someone military (sorry, I'm tired.... but had to post)

    Our electricity runs about $50 average, and maybe $60 for water/trash/gas in one. We live off base because we aren't married, but even if we were, we wouldn't live on base. You can find good places to rent around Pendleton that make it worth it. I know his BAH is much more than our rent alone.... probably even with utilities. Internet/phone and cable are around $125 total.

    What kind of pets do you have? I'm noticing more and more that they are breed restrictions here instead of size or quantity.... Oh, but you will have pet rent and extra deposit.....

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    For us, it was worth it to get housing once we had two kids because we could get a 3 bedroom. Before that we collected BAH and got an apartment. There are tons of us SD gals, you'll make friends in no time! I live really close to MCRD, in the Village at NTC housing.

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    If you don't have kids out in town would probably better. We lived out in town until we needed a three bedroom and banked $300 a month in extra BAH. There are a lot of nice apartments in the area around MCRD.
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    We have three kids so it makes sense for us to live in housing but, for someone without kids, you could probably make money off of your BAH if you lived in town in an apartment. There are tons of apartment complexes that accept pets, so you should not have a problem finding a place. There are a TON of us here in SD though, so you'll have friends, for sure!

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