we've found out that the round table near my house has a party room we
can rent for free and can do an open house thing there...in trying to
get the community involved I was thinking maybe each vendor could make
a percentage of their profits go to the toys for tots program...as
well as part of our profits going there we would ask each vendor to
have a few things to raffel off even if it's just a free item of their
choice under a certain value, product you have in your inventory etc
and ask people to bring a new unwrapped toy to be donated over to toys
for tots when our event is over...we would all get together as vendors
before the event to figure out a way to make people get raffel
tickets...one of my thoughts is if someone spends say $40 with you
then you give them a ticket and if they purchase at least maybe $40
from 1 person and something from each of the other vendors then they
get 2 more tickets and a ticket for each toy they bring...what do you
think??? the date we're looking at is Saturday November 24th.

if you're interested please email me asap.