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Thread: sigh...need help San Diego/29 Palms Ladies

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    Question sigh...need help San Diego/29 Palms Ladies

    I am really trying to make this work. I know that my mother is sick and that being so far away from an airport might be risky but he is my husband and this is the only chance for me to study in San Diego (no less go to the other coast). I am "sort of" considering going out there, but I know the 29 palms housing is horiffic to actually get into (sup waiting list ) Anyhow I was wondering in your opinion what would be the best area for a prior Bostonian to relocate to, to be with her husband in 29 palms? I am looking into it although I dont have much time and the cross-country move may not be feasible I am still pretty optimistic...after all if military SOs didnt have optimism what WOULD we have
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    Can you guys just rent a place there in 29 Palms??
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    well if you are moving to california to be with your husband and he is at 29 palms, 29 palms is the only place you can be becuase any other near by city is about an hour to an hour and a half away (I live in Redlands which is about an hour from 29) anyways 29 palms is about 2 maybe 21/2 from san diego and some times longer. Not only is housing hard to get into but there is nothing around that. Not even alot to rent. And all of the towns surrounding 29 palms are very very tiny. When I have driven there you go through a town for about a mile and then nothing. So to be with him your only choice is actual base or try and find some place out in town. Next best place is Palm Springs which is about an hour out...depends on how you drive. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I am very familiar with the area

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