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Thread: Tell me about Shaw AFB

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    Tell me about Shaw AFB

    DB is going to Shaw in April and my son (from previous relationship) and I are going with him. Iíve been living in Hawaii (where we met) for ten years and I know Iím in for a shock. Iíve read mostly negative reviews about the base, and Sumter in general. People say itís boring and the schools are bad. Can anyone here tell me something about it? Most posts Iíve read are from several years ago.

    What is base housing like?
    What are the best elementary schools?
    What are employment opportunities like for spouses?
    What is there to do on the weekends?
    Do bars with craft beers exist there?

    Thanks for your time!
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    We were technically "attached" to Shaw for most of my hubby's career, but we were stationed at Fort Gordon. Because he was Air Force we had to go up to Shaw for all his major official Air Force junk. I can't answer a ton of your questions since we didn't live there, but I can say that I actually think Shaw is a really pretty base. It's hot, since it's in the South, but if you're accustomed to Hawaii you may be ok with the heat and humidity. I'm from cold, dry Colorado, so the South is killer for me. Sumter is not all that exciting of a town, but if you're willing to go up to an hour away in one direction or another, there are a lot of really interesting places nearby. You're really close to Columbia, which has a lot more to offer. You're not unbearably far from the beach one way or the mountains another way, and you're within a few hours of tons of historical sites, full of Southern Charm (which really is a thing). It's quieter than a larger metropolitan area, which could be a pro or a con for you. I could be totally off, but I don't think I'd hate being stationed at Shaw!

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