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Thread: Goldsboro, NC

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    Goldsboro, NC

    Anyone here near Goldsboro?

    What do you, that is not on base?

    I am so BORED here. Like, ugh. I have zero friends here. I used to work, but have become a SAHM. I've slowly lost contact with the "friends" I made at work. My husband's military buddies have all been relocated, or just stopped talking with him as well. It's f----ing lonely here. I feel like we have to drive over an hour to anything remotely interesting.

    I hate this, so much.
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    I'm roughly an hour away from Goldsboro and let me tell you, there's not much to do here either. The mall here is decent and I have like one friend that I occasionally see. There's really only places to eat and movie theaters. Everything "fun" is in the bigger cities, so Raleigh/Durham area and Charlotte. I love Charlotte but its about 2.5 hours away and I hate driving that far just find something fun to do.

    I pretty much just hangout at home by myself during the days I don't work. I clean around the house and sometimes just go on drives when I get really bored. DH has friends that come over every once in a while on the weekends and I get along with them pretty well, but nonetheless, it still gets pretty lonely overall.
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    Hiiiiii from Charlotte!

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