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Thread: Athens, GA!!

  1. summerlove
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    Athens, GA!!

    ok so DB and i got to talk for 2 HOURS last night on the phone!! he is graduating on Friday!! then he is going to Texas for MA A-school!! well, we got to talking about where he would be stationed after that.. i live in GEORGIA so that only leaves us with two close options.. kings bay and athens. athens would be AMAZING b/c its only 40 minutes from my house!! but, i haven't heard that base mentioned at all on here... so im wondering... would that request be logical for Db who'd be an MA?? i know they will put him where he is needed but he could be sooo close! anyway... any info. on that base would be awesome!! thanks ladies!!
  2. milwaukeebeers44
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    Athens is the navy supply school and that's being BRAC'd, so it will likely close soon.

    NAS Atlanta is still around (it's on the BRAC list, but won't be closed as fast).

    I don't know if they have MAs on Kings Bay. The security was mostly Marines last time I was down there (DH used to be on a boat there, but left a year ago).

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