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Thread: Houston, TX?

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    Houston, TX?

    Hey Ladies,

    I am new to the whole deployment thing with this being my boyfriends first deployment since we've been together. Before he was deployed he was stationed in NC so we have always had a long distance relationship. Things weren't as hard when he was here in the US since we saw each other nearly every 2-3 weeks but now things have just been so different. I love him to death and plan to stick by his side through the entire deployment though. I am not near a base here in the Houston area so it has been really hard not having anyone to relate to. Don't get me wrong my family and friends have been a great support system however I'm looking for anyone I can talk to about deployment things/military life and someone I can really relate to. If there are any ladies out there give me a shout I'd love to talk to you 1 on 1.

    I hope everyone has a very blessed day and God Bless our military men and women!
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    Hi and welcome We will be moving to Houston, TX in October but right now we are in VA
    Getting used to the new lifestyle far away from home and leaving my fear behind each day a little more.
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    I also live in the Houston area and am looking for support as well. I agree it is really hard not being near a base and having anyone to relate to. My family and friends have been great but they still don't completely understand what all I am experiencing mentally and emotionally. I would love to connect with you and hopefully offer up any help and support I can.
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    Hi I'm a navy girlfriend and I'm in the clear lake area. What part of houston do you live in?
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    Houston, TX/Camp Pendleton
    I'm living in Houston and my husband is deployed. I would love to have some friends here in town to talk. Please contact me if you are interested
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    I no longer have a MILSO but I'm in the Conroe area and have been through deployments and such with exDBs.

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    I am from Houston and have family all around that area. Both in and outside the city limits. Then some family further North too. Maybe heading that way for a visit within the next yr or so.

    Good luck with the move! I can maybe help answer any questions about the area. Although I have only passed through there recently. Haven't lived in Texas in over 5yrs now..
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